Bad Wolf Part 2

As stated in Bad Wolf Part 1 the goal is to make a cosplay of Princess Monoake for a two year old.


Sadly I failed in the picture taking department of this so I’ll try to give as much detail as I can instead. Please also pardon the crude displays.

Dress & Tunic

DressI used blue suede material for the “dress” which was pretty easy to do. I just made a rectangle that was half my daughter’s height when folded in half.  Cut a hole in the center of the fold, then sewed sides together leaving room for arms at the top. Then cut the bottom to be jagged and roughed up.



The tunic was pretty much done the same way. But cut from daddy’s old white tshirt, helped give it the worn look.


Ears & Mask

For the mask I decided to use Fun Foam. I choose this instead of paper mache or clay for the main reason of TWO YEAR OLD.  And what do two year olds do?  GO CRAZY! The bounce, run, jump and fall. I wanted something that wouldn’t break or hurt if fallen upon.

DSC05515So I snag a few sheets of Red, Tan, and Black. I used a paper plate and small paper cups as my outline templates for the sizes of some the shapes. I traced the outline of these with a pencil onto the foam, the others were just sorta free hand.


Mask partsCut out them out and it was time for the hot glue!I wanted to make sure this thing wasn’t going to fall apart.


And poof! You have a mask that just needs to be attached to the hood of her cloak. Which brings us to….

The Cloak

IMG_4606So for the cloak I just bought a yard of your basic white fur material.  A yard is defiantly more then what I needed, but I planned on mistakes.



I cut a forth of it into a square and the cut off the corners at the bottom and rounded it out.


Then I took one of those corners, trimmed it a bit and used for it for the hood. The hood isn’t actually a hood for this costume; it’s just a spot to attack the mask to.

Finishing Touch

I didn’t get to do as many detailed pieces as I would have liked. But then again it is for a two year old so probably for the best anyways.

Boots – I full out cheated for those and hit up the Dollar Store grabbing a pair of adult tan sock. Slipped the over her shoes and fold it back down to her ankles.

Headband – Dollar Store again, a pack of adult hair bands. Perfect size for going around her head and not digging in.

War Paint – I actually failed to bring the face paint I had bought. So cheated and use red lip gloss instead. It worked out pretty well, and looked like blood when she smeared it. So win win right?!

And now time for the show….

And yes I may have just done this so you can see how adorable my kid is. XP


SacAnime Summer 2015

Better late than never!

SacAnime* happens twice year and is kid friendly, so I have started becoming a regular there now. It’s also one of the smaller cons, so not as crazy as some of them can be. They had some good guest speakers and panels, but I wasn’t able to hit anything this round. But there are always lots of cosplayers with great costumes to check out! Sadly I forgot new batteries for my camera so barely any pictures of this year’s con.CosplayersSACTotoro(Super cute), Leelo Dallas (with multi-pass), Steampunk Ursula, Cruella Deville & Puppy (such a cute idea!), Scarlet Witch

CosplayersSAC2Daring Doo, Tinker Bell, Alien, Digimon!


 Sadly I’m not as up to date on all the newest/popular animes. So I have no idea what this group meet up is. But they have some very cute costumes.


And we** busted out a few different costumes from our closet and some new ones to join in on all the fun.


Chibi Princess Mononoke!WolfPrincess

Winrey & Death Watch MandalorianBSGroup


Our Munchkins!


 I am Wonder Woman, hear me roar!  The mighty Thor!

Bringing on the alchemy with Edward Elric!

(sadly he didn’t want to wear the arm)

All of these costumes were made by myself, friends and family.

(all but Wonder Woman onesie)


**My group Black Sheep Inc, a small little cosplaying group (among other things.)

Bad Wolf

Alright time for a new project! I’m going to make this adorable little girl into a vicious protector of the forest!


Whose doesn’t love the idea of a Chibi Princess Mononoke running around growling at people right? So I’ve spent the last week gathering images and researching materials. This isn’t for a cosplay competition it’s for a two year old. So I’m not going for completely accurate, going for comfort, cuteness and affordable. So these are the materials I have picked up to work with.

  • Fur – Cloak
  • Blue Material – Dress
  • Tshirt – Tunic
  • Socks – boots
  • Fun Foam – mask/ earrings
  • Clay – necklace
  • War paint – Facepaint
  • Head/arm bands – baby elastic

I went Joann Fabrics, Michael’s Crafts and Daddy’s old tshirt drawer. It always helps to keep cost down by using all the coupons you can. Joann’s actually will take competitors coupons always a nice tip to know. This is why it tends to take me a bit to acquire all the materials I intend to use. Being a mother of three dragons erpp… I mean kids. My goal is always to do this at a reasonable price.

Next round I’ll start mock assembling everything and making “blueprints” before I actually start doing any real work. Then slowly start putting it all together, until then seeya next time!

Myth Busters, Misteek Style!

Today on MBMS we have two different myths we’re are putting to the test.

Female Armor, the less the better!


Is Misteek actually Poison Ivy?

Stay tuned to find out!

Female Armor

While of course we want every female character to look awesomely badass while kicking ass. Sometimes the options they get don’t always give the best stats.

I’m mean don’t get me wrong I don’t mind staring at the lovely rendered/animated features of female characters, but it does feel a little one sided sometimes. I mean we all can’t be an Erza Scarelet. Looking great and kicking ass in anything we wear.

I soo need to able to requip like she does. But I digress and need to get back to the main point. Is less armor better? So for this test I decided to use myself as the test subject. And my battle field the front yard against the mini boss Blackberry bush! DUH DUH DUNNN!

My armor equipped was:

  • Wrap around sunglass of blue flames
  • A G.I Joe tank top
  • Gloves of durability
  • Shorts of jean, length just above the knee
  • Ankle high socks
  • Jogging shoes

Weapons of choice:

  • Clippers of Sharpness

As I attacked the Bush of Blackberry it tried to foil me at every turn. While I had one hand caught up holding the vines back, my other gripping the clippers of sharpness ready to strike. The foul beast managed to get a grip upon my ankle and drag me down, shedding some of my blood. I gritted my teeth from the pain as the thorns dug into my flesh, moving my free leg around to stomp upon it so it could not move any further. The sun shone upon my clippers shining as they moved swift threw the air; teeth wide open as they caught the vine. With a faint snip, the vine fell life less to the grown releasing its grip upon my ankle. With vengeance in my eyes and heart I had achieved a whole new strength and speed with which I used to finish of the bush and was victorious!

While I was indeed able to defeat the dreaded Blackberry bush, I was unable to come out unscathed with my choice of less armor. So that myth is BUSTED!

And I also learned that with that bush hating me soo much there is no way in hell I could be Poison Ivy. But hey I can still cosplay as her. ;P  So join us next time on the same bat channel at the same bat time!

From the mouth of babes…

shes in ur base

I am a mother of three, two boys of four and three, one little girl of two. And being the geek/dork/nerdy girl that I am, I of course do allow them to play video games. (Limited amount of time, they do see the daylight of outdoors)

Starting them out with one of the best, Mario! They love to play Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U currently. While watching them play today I was rather puzzled as to why they started a level and immediately both of the boys started jumping their characters off the cliff.

Me – “Why are you guys jumping off the cliff?”

Older Boy – “There’s no leaf.”

Younger Boy – “Yeah, we need to get the leaf.”

This leaf that they are waiting for not only changes your character into a Tanooki suit.

But it also changes them into a White Tanooki suit, which…

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Stepping through the looking glass..

That’s always the hardest part is it not? The first step forward onto a new horizon and adventure! And well these are the tales of my adventures after I’ve stepped from one world into another; this world of the Wire.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these tales I have to tell, though I am no bard. I tend to have a random way of my own. ~_^ So please bare with me as I get myself use to this new world.